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Student Insights on Smarter Cities


The Smarter Planet University Jam brought nearly 2,000 students and faculty together with IBM experts, clients and business partners to discuss complex global issues and how we can create a smarter planet.


Nearly 2,000 university students, faculty, business professionals and experts

72 hours

Approximately 3000 discussion posts

One purpose

University Jam- April 21-24, 2009

Students speak up about their cities

First word that comes to mind…

(Wordle) Crime, Dirty, Building, Poor, Exciting, Public, Busy, Traffic

The problems students see in their cities

(Wordle) Transportation, Energy, Many, People, Traffic, Public, System, Train, Income

There are a ton of abandoned buildings. It’s dirty. It’s not as safe as it should be. Technology is grossly under-utilized in many aspects of the city, whether it be public safety or transit. We are overdeveloping but not adding anything that we truly need.

The major problem I see is with transportation. While our subway system is incredible, it needs some updates.

The nearest train station is 20 minutes away, which is too far.

The amount of crime is major.

The education system needs to be fixed. There also needs to be safe places for teens to hang out. The healthcare system in general needs to be fixed.

I can see the cloud of smog floating low over the city. We need clean energy, creating zero emissions.

Solutions students want to see…

(Wordle) Education, Better, Streets, Public, People, Environment, Community, Schools, Transportation

Better schools and healthcare!

Hospitals need to be updated with the most recent technologies in the health care field.

Better public schools with advanced technology, more energy efficient public transportation and road changes such as bike lanes to promote greener living.

Better, more efficient transportation, fewer cars, more affordable housing and less trash would definitely make life a lot better.

Together we can all help make this planet smarter


Jamming for a smarter planet

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