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Injecting a little love into the street


Kim Brusselmans, a native of Belgium currently living Barcelona and owner of both a publicity and a t-shirt company, has been exploring an interesting style of street art Through his guerilla-style street art, he attempts to bring a little love to the street in a somewhat subtle and surprising way. He even has a book called Love Injections that captures the whole lot. It’s an interesting thought in that it can be ways of expressing your feelings for the one you love, the one you want or just spreading a little love to those in the near vicinity. Either way, it’s highly entertaining and smile-inducing.

Brusselman’s street art project simply goes by Brusse and has three different projects thus far: Streetlove, Heart Attacks and Love Injections.

Heart Attacks focuses on oversized heart-shaped locks with messages located within, on or around specific objects or scenery.

And last but certainly not lease is my favorite of the bunch, the Streetlove project that explores the act of love as represented through various objects and setup situations within the urban street environment.

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