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Notably Unique Submissions – Spatial Blur

By: Faisal Bashir, Alex Warwick Toronto, Ontario CA

Description: defines an era where technology makes the distinction between real and virtual life, space and time, is on the verge of becoming indistinguishable; hence living in a blur – a mere extension to our lives at present time. ‘Spatial Blur’ enables humans to inhabit moon through real and proxy lives, while creating environments that are both real and virtual and inevitably defining a new sociological and architectural realm.

Juror Comments:
“What makes this entry interesting is the notion of creating a blurred perception of what is real and virtual of space and time. The project envisions lunar tourism and a theme park that would be visited without going there. On the other hand the designed structures follow the constraints given by the moon (footing in the crater, canopy structure, responsive facade skin).” Astrid Piber, UN Studio

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