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BARGE 2011 – Jury Selections

Over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting the 27 Jury Selections from our BARGE 2011 Competition.  Here are 3 of the proposals that the jury selected.

PIPE DREAM by Darin Barnes and Matthew Miloszewski of New Haven, CT.  This team would have lined the parameter of the barge in PVC pipes of varying heights.  When the wind blew, the pipes would produce sound.  The middle portion of the barge would be free space so that visitors could walk around and listen to the pipe noises.

BEACH BARGE – by Stephanie Hubbard of Boston, MA.  The Beach Barge brings the beach to the city.  The barge would be covered with plywood for a walking path, a native beach grass garden, and places around the grass would be crashed shells and sand for visitors to play in.

FISH OUT OF WATER – by Kim Myoungkeun and Amir Kripper.  A possible legal nightmare or just lots of fun, we’ll let you decide. This design proposed for a giant trampoline to be constructed over the barge.  Visitors could leap and jump over the sea, like a fish out of water.

We hope that you enjoyed viewing these designs as much as we did!

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