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BARGE 2011 Jury Selections

Here are the remaining BARGE 2011 jury selections.  Congratulations again to all who were selected!

WE LIVE IN PLASTIC – by Laura Kearney, Margaret Arbanas, Anne Vaterlaus, and Richard Sharam of NY, NY. This team designed a wave shaped canopy constructed out of used plastic bottles. A solar powered light system would light up the structure at night.

360 – by Mitchell McGregor and Dan Corte of Charlotte, NC. A musical playground for all ages. This design incorporated drum-like pipes stacked on top of each other that would have covered the entire barge. Visitors would be able to pound on the drums to make noise as well as climb on them.


MAZE OF DISCOVERY – by Katherine Crowley of Lawrence, KS. Crowley designed a wooden labyrinth for visitors. Starting on land and then covering the barge, the maze would have had a prize at the end.  A spectacular view of the water front.

UP UP AND AWAY by Marcel Wilson and Charlotte Nelson of San Francisco, CA. This team decided to take advantage of the cityscape view while being able to lay down. They proposed to install water filled balloons that are large enough for a visitor to lay on. Steam below the barge’s deck would cause the balloons to undulate giving the effect of waves.  A line of flames would have provided a place to roast marshmellows or keep warm on a chilly night.


MIMIC – by Jagtar Singh of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mimic was designed to mimic the ocean and create the illusion of a never ending landscape. This design included covering the barge entirely in sea grass and constructing a hovering platform that would zig-zap over the grass.  The end result would have created an illusion that you were floating over a bed of grass.


A FLOATING STAGE – by B.D. Nayak and Mallory Demty of Braintree, MA. This design would create a large oval canopy over the barge. Underneath the canopy there would be stadium seating and a stage for small performances or movie screenings.

BUOYANT BARGE – by Alessandra Perinellei, Matt Choot, and Gabriela Bruno of NY, NY. A moving wooden deck placed over the surface of the barge. As a visitor walked or jumped the floor would bounce and sway as if it were on top of a wave.

ZEPHYREAN FIELDS – by Day Jimenez, Mariela Alvarez, Andrew Zientek, and Zenovia Toloudi of Somerville, MA. This design would use wind, sound, and smell to interact with visitors.  Aromatic plants would have created a nice aroma, small pools of water would have reflected the sky and surrounding buildings, and wind chimes would have provided soft music.

URBAN GARDEN ON THE BARGE – by Siary Sanchez and Anastasia Kranoslobtova of Charlotte, NC. A floating garden proposal that would have included shade from leafy plants and benches to sit on.  The branches and greenery would have been bent to create a canopy of green, creating a cool and relaxing place to visit.

A BARGE TO HONOR THE STATE FLOWER – THE MAYFLOWER by Igor Polyakov, Amanda Taylor, and Will Allen of Charlottle, NC. This design would have created 2 rows of hanging gardens made up of suspended wheelbarrows. In one row, mayflowers would be planted and in the other row purple Loosestrife flowers would be planted.  Mayflowers are the state flower and Loosestrife flowers are an invading species of flower that have taken up some of the Mayflower’s natural growing spaces.

WARF TRADING POST – by Kyle Tornow of Jamaica Plain, MA. This barge design aims to create awareness of Boston’s rich shipping history. A series of shipping containers would be placed on the ship. Each container would hold a different exhibit such as an, interactive center to learn about the area, a snack bar, and a water pool.

REFRACTION – by Kristin Defer of Winnipeg, Manitoba. Refraction is designed to reflect the landscape. By covering the barge in layers of mirrors the barge’s surrounds are copied and altered for the visitor to view.




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