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More Barge 2011 Jury Selections

(Re) Imaging TriMountaine – by Wynn Buzzell and Garrett Lapping of Charlotte, NC.  Reminiscent of Boston’s original landscape of marshes this design aims to bring back a long ago landscape.  A wood beam structure, similar to the skeleton of a whale would cover the barge.  Below the wood covering there would be benches for visitors and small patches of native grasses.

BARge BOSTON – by Taylor Bishal and Tom McCarthy of Charlotte, NC.  Using the power of the wind, BARge Boston is a floating restaurant that harnesses the power of the wind.  Wooden windmills on top of a wooden roof harvest the wind to create energy for the restaurant and coffee bar below.
CALMA SAN SCAILEANNA – by Robyn Arnason and Zach Sumada of Winnipeg, Manitoba.  A canopy made from wood and rope; this proposal was meant to sooth the visitor and create a sense of calm and peace within a busy city.
RAW BARge – by Keith Moskow, Robert Linn, and Sarah West of Boston, MA.  This design included a simple long table with chairs on either end.  In the middle there would be a fresh seawater pool that would hold live seafood.  Baristas would serve patrons whatever they desired from this floating restaurant.
REEF SCOW – by William Hubner, Melissa Demers, and Nairi Havan of Lexington, MA.  A garden that grows with visitor participation.  Visitors would be allowed to bring their own unwanted items to contribute to the sculpture garden design.
Congratulations to these designers! We hope you enjoyed learning about them as much as we did!

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