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Connect the Pots

Last month, at the Common Build Competition, Anthony DiMari and Mark Lewis created, “Connect the Pots”.  The Common Build Competition aims to inspire designers, artists, and architects to create projects that address the physical and social needs of a real client.  DiMari and Lewis’ design was made up of a series of garden pots arranged for a community garden on Parker Hill.  The team created their design in 72 hours took 2nd place in the competition.

DiMari and Lewis studied the history of Parker Hill and realized that horticulture has been an integral of the hill’s history. Most recently, the Boston Parks and Recreation has been working to preserve a wooded part of the hill, as well as historical apple and peach orchards.  With this in mind, the team sought out a plan that renewed and expanded the agriculture tradition by creating a new community garden.

The team began their garden project by sending out small “starter kits” to the surrounding neighborhoods. The kits included 1 planter, some gardening tools, and information on the plants being grown. Members of the community who received the planters and were invited to care for the plants for several weeks leading up to a community garden party where the plants would be displayed.  DiMari and Lewis planned their project in this manner as a way to spread awareness of Parker Hill and to allow community members to get to know one an other.

Once the planters were arranged in the community garden, white gravel covered the PVC pots, which provided stability and permanence to the growing arrangement.  Small pools of water were also added to the gardens to attract birds and other wildlife to the site.

Unfortunately, “Connect the Pots” only existed for the competition and had to be taken down.  Let us know if you were there.  We’d love to hear your thoughts and see your pictures!


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