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A Rolling Pig Pen – Studio North

“An architectural education is best experienced through engagement in all aspects of the building process. (Studio North) is a fully immersive design experience,” Keith Moskow.

You may remember Robert Linn’s and Keith Moskow’s Studio North from one of our blog posts last year. The summer of 2011 was their inaugural session of Studio North, where 5 students went to VT develop and construct an inventive design – the Chicken Chapel.

This past June Studio North invited 6 students to VT again for 6 days to create the Rolling Pig Pen. Students journeyed from California, Pennsylvania, Montana, North Dakota, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

“Pigs greatest joy is turning over soil (thus pig pens become a mess).  With our rolling pen, they cultivate and fertilize the field.  We did not invent the wheel. I read about the concept it a 1930s farm administration article. But I am pretty sure there has been no rolling pig pen that looks exactly like ours.” Robert Linn

Studio North participants built the Rolling Pig Pen on heavy duty axels and wheels so that it can be moved like a rickshaw. They used standard framing stock and translucent fiberglass as their main materials. The Rolling Pig Pen has an outdoor enclosure for foraging, an indoor area so that the pigs can get out of the rain or sun. “Pigs,” according to Keith Moskow, “do not particularly like rain but need shade or mud to wallow to stay cool as they do not sweat and a storage area for pig feed.”

Studio North gives students the opportunity to engage with the rural landscape and to imagine, develop and construct an inventive design solutions.

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6 Responses to “A Rolling Pig Pen – Studio North”

  1. Kylie Torrey Says:

    is it possible to get the design for this mobile pig pen?

  2. Cassie Says:

    Could I also get a copy of the design of the mobile pig pen?

  3. Brice Says:

    Can I get a copy of the plans? And how many pigs can be put in that pen?

  4. Brice Says:

    How do y’all turn the pen it is a great idea but how does it turn?

  5. Krista Says:

    I would love a copy of the design as well.

  6. Pam Elliott Says:

    Could I also get a copy of the rolling pig pen plans? Thank you, Double E Ranch


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