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  • Imagine the impact women could make on the built world if there were more of us?

      Forbes Magazine’s recent release ‘The Worlds Most Powerful Woman of 2013′ has inspired me to think big……imagine the impact women could make on the built world if there were more females in professional practice? Sorry male SHIFTboston followers, gender statistics from 2011 show women constitute only 20% of all licensed practicing professionals in the field of architecture. And [...]

  • How about Printing Buildings?

    The Additive Manufacturing and/or 3D Printing process is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by allowing any size company, or individual in many cases, to manufacture quickly, locally and with far fewer costs. This simple process that builds things by depositing material, typically plastic or metal, layer by layer until the final product is finished, is used [...]

  • Floatyard – housing for hurricane prone areas.

    How would you solve the problem of creating housing in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes? Design firm Perkins+Will recently submitted a design that won a 2013 P/A Award. Their design proposes a floating multifamily housing on a 72,000- square-foot pier in Charlestown, Mass., at the edge of Boston Harbor called, Floatyard. Ed Nardi, President [...]


        A Letter From the Editor It has been four years since I set SHIFTboston in motion and during a half-decade of exploration – together - we have challenged ourselves and our city to adopt a new way of thinking. This challenge has resulted in a hunger for change. Could this new desire prove to be the spark that ignites [...]