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  • Speak! Listen! Act!

                    Strauss Gallery,  Dartmouth College,  Hanover  NH   From September 20 through November 13, 2016, the Strauss Gallery presents Speak! Listen! Act! A kaleidoscope of architectural elements for public space, an exhibition of 20 projects by Zenovia Toloudi and students. Public space has been vital to people and cities since [...]

  • floatyard: it takes a good story to make an idea valuable

    When you see an exciting idea do you ever look beneath the surface to find the story behind it? If we were able to examine the actual process that gave birth to the idea, we would find layer upon layer of small stories. These little anecdotes are the foundation of the idea. Stories not only play [...]

  • Reprogramming the City: An interview with Curator scott Burnham

    Have you ever envisioned how one might re- purpose a parking machine or a utility storage box? How about using billboards to distribute fresh water?  Or perhaps getting a healthy dose of ultraviolet light at the bus stop during those harsh, dark winter months? Reprogramming The City: Opportunities for Urban Infrastructure a new exhibition at the [...]

  • How about Printing Buildings?

    The Additive Manufacturing and/or 3D Printing process is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by allowing any size company, or individual in many cases, to manufacture quickly, locally and with far fewer costs. This simple process that builds things by depositing material, typically plastic or metal, layer by layer until the final product is finished, is used [...]