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  • On Art, Science, Nature and Architecture: Experiments at MassArt

    The Garden Lab and MassArt organize tomorrow Wednesday a workshop that explores the intersection of art, light, nature, and architecture. Throughout this intense session, participants will be making a hybrid structure consisting of plants, fiberoptics, and light through the method of hydroponics. Could this experimentation aim towards evolving, ever-changing structures? Or eve edible architecture? Garden [...]


    (The following review is written and edited by Zenovia Toloudi). What is the relationship between Game Design and Architectural Design? Those familiar with the old-fashioned game-board Monopoly, and other strategic games, or the futuristic web-based SecondLife may guess the connections between game-making and city-making. Either advocators, skeptical or simply curious, approximately 40 academics, practitioners and [...]

  • MIT Media Lab: architecture as a living organism

    (The following architecture report was written and edited by Zenovia Toloudi) Either resembling to a museum, or having the apple-store corporate look, the modest, metal-glass box, almost 2 years-old MIT Media Lab Complex, is a live example of architecture’s power to affect many aspects of one organization, from social life among community to scientific and [...]

  • Making Plans for the Summer? Try ONE LAB!

    Are you looking for something to do this summer?  If you are a student, architect, artist, scientist, or just interested in all the above, be sure to check out ONE LAB in NYC! This year’s, ONE LAB will last for 3 weeks and concentrate on recent advances in biotechnology.  Participants will explore design with a [...]