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  • Undulated Inundation by Anthony DiMari

    Anthony DiMari, one of my most inspired contributors, a true visionary, two-time SHIFTboston competition finalist, and graduate from the Harvard GSD has just completed ‘Undulated Inundation’ a permanent land art installation in Hadley, Massachusetts. Anthony’s installation — recipient of the Riverscaping Competition Grant — truly exhibits his ability to capture and magnify the most subtle [...]

  • floatyard: it takes a good story to make an idea valuable

    When you see an exciting idea do you ever look beneath the surface to find the story behind it? If we were able to examine the actual process that gave birth to the idea, we would find layer upon layer of small stories. These little anecdotes are the foundation of the idea. Stories not only play [...]

  • Editors pick from AD 20/21: Wendy Wolf

    During a visit to the BAC’s annual AD 20/21 at the Boston Cyclorama, Kim Poliquin, Director of SHIFTboston, discovered the organic, nature inspired work of Wendy Wolf.  Wendy, an artist who has completed residencies at both Taliesin West and the Contemporary Artist Center at Woodside “establishes a tenuous connection with the natural world..”.  Her print making and installation art, embodies gentle plant-like textures, capable of softening the hard lines of the urban environment. [...]

  • Floatyard – housing for hurricane prone areas.

    How would you solve the problem of creating housing in areas that are susceptible to hurricanes? Design firm Perkins+Will recently submitted a design that won a 2013 P/A Award. Their design proposes a floating multifamily housing on a 72,000- square-foot pier in Charlestown, Mass., at the edge of Boston Harbor called, Floatyard. Ed Nardi, President [...]