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  • Reprogramming the City: An interview with Curator scott Burnham

    Have you ever envisioned how one might re- purpose a parking machine or a utility storage box? How about using billboards to distribute fresh water?  Or perhaps getting a healthy dose of ultraviolet light at the bus stop during those harsh, dark winter months? Reprogramming The City: Opportunities for Urban Infrastructure a new exhibition at the [...]

  • What if South Station was in Fort Point Channel?

    The studio: The 2012 post-professional studio at the Yale School of Architecture, co-taught by Ed Mitchell, Fred Koetter and Aniket Shahane, examines a series of contiguous developer parcels in Boston. The studio focuses on the rail tracks leading to South Station, the site of the USPS warehouse, and the properties surrounding the Fort Point Channel [...]

  • A Day on the Hubway!

    Susan Yoo and Kim Poliquin of SHIFTboston spent the day trying out the new Hubway bike share system in Boston. From South Station to Back Bay through the Fens to Downtown Crossing and out to the dry docks they interviewed other Hubway riders and observed the system. Here is what they have to say.   [...]

  • Around the World with Whimsical Station Designs

    If you have traveled by rail internationally, you are probably aware of some of the more whimsical station designs that are out there.  Rail stations can range from traditional, highlighting the dawn of rail transportation, or to the overtly futuristic. Below are some of the designs that we liked here at SHIFTboston.  We hope to [...]