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  • Working Side by Side to Help Rural Rwanda: The Masaro Project by the GA Collaborative

    This captivating story landed in my mailbox two weeks ago from Michael Beaman of the GA Collaborative – a non profit organization composed of designers and educators from Syracuse, Harvard and RISD – in Boston and Syracuse, New York.  I was so moved after reading about this compassionate effort to improve living conditions in rural Rwanda that I’m delighted to share it.  I hope this project [...]

  • ‘Hydra’ Installation by SHIFTboston at Boston’s Landmark Center

    SHIFTboston has recently been commissioned to build an installation in the tower of Fenway’s Landmark Center. Hydra – an installation that experiments with soft architecture – is a dynamic, self-transforming, semi-translucent membrane that floats and morphs into a series of different forms within a large light-well. Hydra’s shape is defined by a shifting 15′ x [...]

  • Scaffolding: an Environmental Problem in Developing Communities

    By Carolyn Lewenberg Scaffolding is such a large part of our urban Infrastructure – it’s so woven into the landscape we often don’t notice it.  When was the last time you have stopped to take a good look at it?  In January when I visited a friend in Ethiopia I was really struck by the [...]

  • Q+A with Sophia Chang on “Suspense”

    Sophia Chang, an American architect and former member of the SHIFTboston team, has created an interactive, cavernous-like installation entitled “Suspense” at the Invivia Gallery in Cambridge, MA. Stretched lycra fabric creates curving walls that blur the boundaries between interior and exterior space. Occasionally the fabric breaks to expose elements in order to frame both people [...]