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  • Modern Houseboat Design – A Sustainable Houseboat From the Future!

    Niall McLaughlin Architects have designed a houseboat built for two as part of a Swedish design competition. Small on size, but big on innovation, the houseboat takes in thee design considerations; light, space, and construction. The architects took their inspiration from a light-weight, traditional Celtic  fishing boat called “currachs.” Woven carbon-fiber was used to create [...]

  • IN FORM – the BSA’s new exhibit

    Have you made your way over to visit the BSA’s newest exhibit – IN FORM? The exhibit explores projects in Boston over the past 50 years. Three themes are explored: Legible City, New, Public and Futures. Each theme reflects on how design can shape our understanding the city’s urban landscape, while discovering new possibilities for development. [...]

  • On Art, Science, Nature and Architecture: Experiments at MassArt

    The Garden Lab and MassArt organize tomorrow Wednesday a workshop that explores the intersection of art, light, nature, and architecture. Throughout this intense session, participants will be making a hybrid structure consisting of plants, fiberoptics, and light through the method of hydroponics. Could this experimentation aim towards evolving, ever-changing structures? Or eve edible architecture? Garden [...]

  • Goodbye Starachitecture, Welcome Countryside! Dis-appearances in Rem’s lecture

    (The following report is written and edited by Zenovia Toloudi) With the generic title “Current preoccupations,” Rem Koolhaas presented on Monday at Harvard Graduate School of Design, his (according to GSD dean Mohsen Mostafavi) current preoccupations. Disconnected or not, the themes of his lecture would range from Stararchitecture, The countryside, The Metabolists, and the Power [...]