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  • A Rolling Pig Pen – Studio North

    “An architectural education is best experienced through engagement in all aspects of the building process. (Studio North) is a fully immersive design experience,” Keith Moskow. You may remember Robert Linn’s and Keith Moskow’s Studio North from one of our blog posts last year. The summer of 2011 was their inaugural session of Studio North, where [...]

  • Let’s Talk About Bikes!

      Let’s Talk About Bikes is the BSA’s latest exhibit. Enter into the BSA gallery and explore the many urban cultures spawned by the bicycle: alternative societies such as SCUL; leisure riders and events like Hub on Wheels; community educational groups such as Cycle Kids; the work cultures of pedicabbies and bicycle messengers; and enthusiasm [...]

  • Modern Houseboat Design – A Sustainable Houseboat From the Future!

    Niall McLaughlin Architects have designed a houseboat built for two as part of a Swedish design competition. Small on size, but big on innovation, the houseboat takes in thee design considerations; light, space, and construction. The architects took their inspiration from a light-weight, traditional Celtic  fishing boat called “currachs.” Woven carbon-fiber was used to create [...]

  • Algae-Producing CO2-Scrubbing Powerhouse?

    Influx_Studio, the Paris based firm has developed a plan to transform Chicago’s Marina City Towers into a green sustainable machine! Their design would use the entire building as a algae-producing, carbon reducing, greenhouse that would be able to sustain itself, by creating its own energy source. The Marina City  Towers were built  in 1962, and [...]