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  • GROW BOSTON – BARGE 2011 Honorable Mention

    Grow Boston is the final proposal of the 5 Honorable Mentions from our 2011 Barge competition.  Grow Boston was designed by Blake Thames and Peter Broeder of Lawrence, KS in affiliation with the University of Kansas. The way it uses the barge as initiative for floating grass elements is interesting, reminds me of the natural [...]

  • Quipus – Talking Strings 2011 BARGE Honorable Mention

    “This proposal offers a diversity of sensory experiences while also lending a unique form to the built environment along the Fort Point Channel. There are many attractions and diversions to prevent the space from becoming static. The design draws you far out into the channel and away from the masses on land.” – Jury Member [...]

  • CAPULLO! BARGE 2011 Honorable Mention

    Capullo is an other proposal that made it onto the jury’s honorable mention list. It was designed by Jason Ejzenbart and Kara Burman of Winnipeg, Manitoba (University of Manitoba). This team proposed an organic looking, translucent structure to be built on top of the barge. Capullo’s walls were meant to evoke the look of moving [...]

  • Honorable Mention for the BARGE 2011 Design Competition : Found Floating

    Here is an other honorable mention from the 2011 BARGE Design Competition – Found Floating designed by Anthony Di Mari of Boston. The very simple yet somewhat surreal image of this project is compelling: a field of inner tubes and plants floating on a barge. Also compelling is the open-ended, non-dictatorial nature of it as [...]