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  • Creating Green Energy with Piezoelectricity!

    In our previous post on the Urban Field, creator Anthony Di Mari uses an energy called piezoelectricity to power his wind components.  We were curious about this type of energy and wanted to learn more.  Here is what we found!

  • TREEPODS Carbon-Scrubbing Artificial Trees for Boston City Streets

    With the earth’s population ever growing, air pollution and air quality is a major issue for many countries around the world.  Air pollutants can lead to respiratory related illnesses in humans and animals, create acid rain, and deplete the ozone layer.  Actions such as carpooling, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and simply turning off [...]

  • New Eco-Friendly Concept for Los Angeles Roadways

    California is the most polluted state in America, but Odile Decq and Bonit Conrnette Architects of Paris see a much brighter future for Los Angeles. Their concept includes a wide area of green space surrounding the roads. Lightweight, energy efficient vehicles travel on these roads and they are not quite as bulky as the cars we [...]

  • NASA Launches Giant Magnifying Glass into Space to Collect Solar Energy

    Resource:   Early this morning NASA kicked off Operation LENS, an ambitious plan to concentrate and collect solar power using a giant magnifying glass in outer space. Long speculated to be a rumor, the 7,000,000 ft. wide lens was fabricated over the course of the past 3 years and launched from Cape Canaveral, piggybacking [...]