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  • Green Growing in the Classroom

    Steve Ritz, a high school teacher in the South Bronx, is teaching his students lessons on green living. Ritz has turned his classroom in a literal edible learning space. Books are kept on desks and leafy plants cover the walls. Together, his students have created 450 recipes out of the vegetables that they have organically [...]

  • New York City (Steady) State

    Last week in our blog we covered Michael Sorkin’s project, New York City (Steady) State.  This week we were able to pick his brain a bit and get more information on his view of what the future of NYC could be. “Cities must take the responsibility.” – Michael Sorkin As explained previously, New York City (Steady) State is Sorkin’s [...]

  • Pod-cars – The Future of City Transportation!

    The future is coming our way with Personal Rapid Transport! There are several projects underway around the world, including one in Virginia that’s been in existence since 1979. For those of you who are unsure what a Personal Rapid Transport is, picture Disneyland’s monorail, but on a smaller scale.  Personal Rapid Transport uses pod-cars.  Pod-cars [...]

  • What the F**k is That?

    SEE and WEAR the new SHIFTboston shirt which was produced with this sentiment in mind…