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  • Making Plans for the Summer? Try ONE LAB!

    Are you looking for something to do this summer?  If you are a student, architect, artist, scientist, or just interested in all the above, be sure to check out ONE LAB in NYC! This year’s, ONE LAB will last for 3 weeks and concentrate on recent advances in biotechnology.  Participants will explore design with a [...]

  • Pod-cars – The Future of City Transportation!

    The future is coming our way with Personal Rapid Transport! There are several projects underway around the world, including one in Virginia that’s been in existence since 1979. For those of you who are unsure what a Personal Rapid Transport is, picture Disneyland’s monorail, but on a smaller scale.  Personal Rapid Transport uses pod-cars.  Pod-cars [...]

  • Sensory Design Installations

    To provide inspiration for the BARGE 2011 Competition, here are some fantastic examples of sensory design and some of the more recent installations. As the name suggests, sensory design installations are meant to engage all of the senses. The popularity of sensory design is steadily growing due to its interactive nature. Installations can be found [...]

  • 192 Countries Represented at Shanghai Expo

    By Guest Blogger: Sophia Chang The Shanghai Expo is nothing short of an architecture petting zoo. Walking down the broad avenues, one pavilion after another demands attention and entices visitors inside, or at least into hours of anticipation standing in line! Each building represents one of the one hundred and ninety-two countries which came together [...]