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  • Creating Green Energy with Piezoelectricity!

    In our previous post on the Urban Field, creator Anthony Di Mari uses an energy called piezoelectricity to power his wind components.  We were curious about this type of energy and wanted to learn more.  Here is what we found!

  • The Urban Field – Turning the Rose Kennedy Greenway into a Greener Space

    The Rose Kennedy Greenway is a thin ribbon of urban landscape that outlines the edge of Boston’s Financial District.  The Greenway consists of a series of mini parks that are interconnected by a series of paths.  Each park is slightly different from the next; some sections have fountains, while others have benches and wide swatches [...]

  • Sustainable Cities and Hip Hop: Creating a New Urban Beat

    (Source: On his 48th birthday, Pres. Barack Obama announced the Green the Block campaign “to ensure that low-income communities and communities of color have the resources and platforms needed to access the benefits and opportunities of the growing clean-energy economy.” Launched in partnership with Green For All and the Hip Hop Caucus, the nationwide [...]

  • Poster Pocket Plants

    (Source: On a sunny morning in early July, foot traffic coming through Toronto’s Kensington Market district can’t help but step out of the morning rush to get a closer look at neighbourhood walls. Normally plastered with splashy advertising, they’re now bursting with green. Postered surfaces are the targets for a new wave of [...]