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  • PHOTODOTES preview!

    (The following text was written and edited by Zenovia Toloudi) PHOTODOTES,* a ‘machinic’ installation,** explores the manipulation of natural and artificial light in space, architectured to perform in 3 stages: collecting, transferring and emitting light. The experimentation discusses phenomena related to lack of light, like the lack of vitamin D, depression, women’s cycle patterns irregularities, [...]

  • Towards an eternal contemporaneity: a playground of living systems, physical states, and phenomena

    (The following review is written and edited by Zenovia Toloudi) Can form be the result of natural forces? According to Christopher Alexander probably. In Hans Haacke 1967 exhibition, the artifacts definitely flirt with these forces: They capture and map the immaterial elements of the environment: wind, light, motion, and gravity, through the manipulation of elements like [...]

  • Lichtballett: can space be shaped out of light, sound, and movement?

    (The following review is written and edited by Zenovia Toloudi) “Light ballets as light performances.” Photo credits: Gunter Thorn / MIT List Visual Arts Center. Image source: Daily Serving Lichtballett (light ballet) is an inspirational and innovative light-based sculptural work that constructs space through a multisensory artistic experience. Created by Otto Piene, a pioneer at [...]

  • Interactive Urban Design as Event

    (Source: Architectural Design) Once a practicing architect, engaged in the offices of Günter Behnisch, Christian Moeller was attracted away from the conventional route of the profession by the stimulation and opportunities of the 1980s multimedia art scene. In this profile by Lucy Bullivant, the now professor of media arts/design at UCLA describes his aptitude for [...]