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  • A Rolling Pig Pen – Studio North

    “An architectural education is best experienced through engagement in all aspects of the building process. (Studio North) is a fully immersive design experience,” Keith Moskow. You may remember Robert Linn’s and Keith Moskow’s Studio North from one of our blog posts last year. The summer of 2011 was their inaugural session of Studio North, where [...]

  • Archipelago Logic: Environmental site-specific arts

    Few weeks ago, MIT Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) Program invited for Monday’s lecture series: “Experiments in Thinking, Action, and Form“ Taru Elfving, the artistic director of Contemporary Art Archipelago (CAA) exhibition and research project.The exhibition of more than 20 site-specific art works and events took place in the Turku Archipelago during last summer. In the event, artists [...]


    Can structure and landscape occupy equally space? Is the border between them blurred? Junya Ishigami has addressed these questions through a series of installations. Many other architects have also discussed similar issues regarding the famous “nature-structure couple” theoretically and in-practice. At the same time, schools like Harvard Graduate School of Design, have lately emphasized landscape [...]

  • PHOTODOTES preview!

    (The following text was written and edited by Zenovia Toloudi) PHOTODOTES,* a ‘machinic’ installation,** explores the manipulation of natural and artificial light in space, architectured to perform in 3 stages: collecting, transferring and emitting light. The experimentation discusses phenomena related to lack of light, like the lack of vitamin D, depression, women’s cycle patterns irregularities, [...]