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  • A Day on the Hubway!

    Susan Yoo and Kim Poliquin of SHIFTboston spent the day trying out the new Hubway bike share system in Boston. From South Station to Back Bay through the Fens to Downtown Crossing and out to the dry docks they interviewed other Hubway riders and observed the system. Here is what they have to say.   [...]

  • Transforming Cities with Bike Sharing

    (Source: GOOD magazine and 3rd Generation Prius teamed up for their Roadmap to Harmony project to produce this video about B-Cycle, a bikesharing service in Denver, Co. that we’ve already mentioned here, here, and here. The premise of the video is about “how can we clean up urban transportation?” The idea is that bikesharing [...]

  • The Psychiatric Infrastructure of the City

    (Source: A few years ago, the Boston Globe looked at what could be called the psychiatric impact of that city’s Big Dig. The Big Dig was a massively expensive urban engineering project that put Boston‘s Central Artery underground, freeing up space on the earth’s surface for parks and businesses. [Images: Boston‘s Big Dig, before [...]

  • Your futureMBTA

    (Source: View MBTA Urban Ring in a larger map The first comes from Erik: One is my conception of an Urban Ring. Rings, actually – there’s an inner and outer ring that meet all other T lines, and meet each other at one point (South Bay/Newmarket). The inner ring would run through South Bay/Newmarket, [...]