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  • The Urban Field – Turning the Rose Kennedy Greenway into a Greener Space

    The Rose Kennedy Greenway is a thin ribbon of urban landscape that outlines the edge of Boston’s Financial District.  The Greenway consists of a series of mini parks that are interconnected by a series of paths.  Each park is slightly different from the next; some sections have fountains, while others have benches and wide swatches [...]

  • Floating Gardens

    The BARGE 2011 Design Competition is right around the corner, so here are some examples of floating gardens to help inspire your designs. Floating gardens are not a new concept. The Aztecs and Egyptians used hydroponics, or growing plants in water without soil, for centuries.  Both cultures used this method of planting because the soil on [...]

  • Sensory Design Installations

    To provide inspiration for the BARGE 2011 Competition, here are some fantastic examples of sensory design and some of the more recent installations. As the name suggests, sensory design installations are meant to engage all of the senses. The popularity of sensory design is steadily growing due to its interactive nature. Installations can be found [...]

  • Superkilen by Bjarke Ingels Group

    (Source: The Superkilen project is part of Partnerskabet (the Partnership), which was formed in 2004 between the municipality of Copenhagen and Realdania. The aim of the project is to make Nørrebro the centre of an innovative urban space of international caliber, which can be an inspiration for other cities and districts. Superkilen is not [...]