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  • BRA Releases RFP for Energy Positive Green Residential Buildings

      Menino’s pilot Energy Positive (E+) Green Building Program is working towards creating public awareness of green, energy efficient buildings.  This program is part of the Department of Neighborhood Development, Office of Environment & Energy Services, and the Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA). E+ is planning on constructing 1 to 4 unit residential green building prototypes [...]

  • Creating Green Energy with Piezoelectricity!

    In our previous post on the Urban Field, creator Anthony Di Mari uses an energy called piezoelectricity to power his wind components.  We were curious about this type of energy and wanted to learn more.  Here is what we found!

  • TREEPODS Carbon-Scrubbing Artificial Trees for Boston City Streets

    With the earth’s population ever growing, air pollution and air quality is a major issue for many countries around the world.  Air pollutants can lead to respiratory related illnesses in humans and animals, create acid rain, and deplete the ozone layer.  Actions such as carpooling, reducing the use of fossil fuels, and simply turning off [...]

  • Floating Gardens

    The BARGE 2011 Design Competition is right around the corner, so here are some examples of floating gardens to help inspire your designs. Floating gardens are not a new concept. The Aztecs and Egyptians used hydroponics, or growing plants in water without soil, for centuries.  Both cultures used this method of planting because the soil on [...]