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  • Reprogramming the City: An interview with Curator scott Burnham

    Have you ever envisioned how one might re- purpose a parking machine or a utility storage box? How about using billboards to distribute fresh water?  Or perhaps getting a healthy dose of ultraviolet light at the bus stop during those harsh, dark winter months? Reprogramming The City: Opportunities for Urban Infrastructure a new exhibition at the [...]

  • Injecting a little love into the street

    (Source: Kim Brusselmans, a native of Belgium currently living Barcelona and owner of both a publicity and a t-shirt company, has been exploring an interesting style of street art Through his guerilla-style street art, he attempts to bring a little love to the street in a somewhat subtle and surprising way. He even [...]

  • Poster Pocket Plants

    (Source: On a sunny morning in early July, foot traffic coming through Toronto’s Kensington Market district can’t help but step out of the morning rush to get a closer look at neighbourhood walls. Normally plastered with splashy advertising, they’re now bursting with green. Postered surfaces are the targets for a new wave of [...]


    (Source:’s cityscape is marked by its iconic structures and historic value. However, this fixed built environment is not necessarily open to dramatic alterations. Introducing change in temporary measures – employing a type of ephemeral urbanism – can answer this problem.This temporary intervention hopes to re-imagine Inman Square, and give it the truly unique park [...]