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  • Mayor Menino Announces Zoning Changes to Allow Urban Farming Pilot in Dorchester!

    A new pilot program is opening the door to urban agriculture in Boston! Two vacant city-owned parcels are now available for farming. In a meeting last week, Mayor Thomas M. Menino announced the adoption of a progressive text and map amendment to the city’s zoning code. The amendment will allow the city to move forward [...]

  • Boston Looks At Plans To Deal With Rising Ocean

    (Source: Ideas to solve the problem include raising the entrances to the city’s subway and highway tunnels, moving electrical equipment out of downtown basements and onto roofs and zoning changes that discourage construction in high-risk areas. “This isn’t just an environmental issue,” says James W. Hunt III, the city’s chief of environmental and energy [...]

  • New Eco-Friendly Concept for Los Angeles Roadways

    California is the most polluted state in America, but Odile Decq and Bonit Conrnette Architects of Paris see a much brighter future for Los Angeles. Their concept includes a wide area of green space surrounding the roads. Lightweight, energy efficient vehicles travel on these roads and they are not quite as bulky as the cars we [...]

  • Design Teams Propose Solutions for “Rising Currents”

    Source: This is one of the most critical issues that Boston faces – it is time to start preparing. Though experts may dispute the role of human activity in climate change, evidence is mounting that temperatures and sea levels are rising. With 10 of the world’s largest 15 cities located on the coast, [...]